One of our personal favourites, this pie has got many variations- but nothing beats the classic Vanilla! It is basically a semi set custard tart with a thin layer of meringue on top using stoneground cornmeal, vanilla, plenty of eggs and sugar all set in our signature cookie oat & brown sugar crust. Chocolate chess has the addition of the finest Cocoa from Grounded Pleasures. We follow an extremely old recipe for this baby, so it has been made with lot's of love, for a lot of generations. 

Pecan Pie

Another of our house favourites, and another extremely old and very traditional recipe. We use a shitload of Australian Pecans, that we gently roast, then set in a dark brown sugar caramel with a dash of Spiced Rum. The rum is cooked out, so it's not alcoholic! This beauty is set in a brown sugar cookie crust. 

Banoffee Pie

We had to include a very British recipe in here to respect all cultures you might find in our fam! This pie has been a new addition, and a fast favourite. Consisting of a layer of Pecans & Fresh Bananas pressed into house made Dulce De Leche, whipped vanilla cream, more fresh banana's, house rum caramel and a sprinkling of Toasted Walnuts. This pie can be made nut free- just specify at the checkout. Please note that the Alcohol in this is only semi cooked out. For a booze free version, specify at checkout!

If you are obsessed with Peanut Butter and all things incredibly decadent- look no further than this pie! Consists of a layer of Whipped Peanut Butter, topped with a layer of coconut & dark chocolate ganache, and more roasted crushed peanuts in a bittersweet chocolate cookie crust. 

Peanut Butter Pie (Vegan)

Fresh strawberries and gently roasted macadamia's make this pie abso-bloody-lutely delicious. Strawberries rolled in a house jam, roasted macadamia's set in a decadent Coconut & Dark Chocolate ganache, in a bittersweet chocolate cookie crust.

Strawberry & Macadamia Pie (Vegan)